Gstaad and the HUUS

Gstaad and the HUUS

The HUUS Hotel attracted my attention above all through the massive advertising on the social networks. Located in one of the Swiss holiday hot spots Gstaad - Schönried it promises to be the new trend hotel with a certain Alpine chic. I wanted to see if it really keeps what it promises. So are you ready to discover with me the HUUS embedded in the beautiful Swiss mountains?

Let's talk about Gstaad - Schönried

Gstaad is one of the Swiss mountain hot spots and is located at an altitude of 1050 metres above sea level in the Bernese Oberland. Here I especially love the mountain summer. For those who don't know Gstaad, it's what you would expect from a typical village embedded in the Swiss mountains. The only thing missing is that Heidi and her grandfather come around the corner. (although the Heidi story takes place in a different area of Switzerland) Gstaad is above all known for its international jet set, which can be found here every year, especially in winter. Personalities such as Roger Moore, Gunter Sachs, Elisabeth Taylor Princess Gracia Patricia and many more spent their holidays here in their own luxury chalets. Otherwise, Gstaad is known for its huge range of events. Whether tennis, volleyball, polo, cuisine or classical music, there is something for everyone here. Many exclusive boutiques of hip labels like Louis Vuitton are to be found in the village centre.

I have to say, I was really excited about the HUUS Hotel. I had heard a lot and seen a lot, but I wanted to see for myself.

The location

First of all you have to mention that on the website the hotel is mentioned with "Huus Gstaad". However, the hotel can be found a little outside in Saaneen-Schönried. This has the influence that the accessibility of the village centre of Gstaad is only possible by car or hotel shuttle. Also the mountain railways are not accessible on foot. (this can also happen with other hotels in Gstaad - as the mountain railway stations are a little outside). 

Lobby & Design

Concerning the interior I could already imagine some of it. But when I stood in the lobby there was another WOW effect. The lobby is so stylish and trendy. It seems that every detail has been looked at. The reception is cleverly separated from the various seats and the bar. The viewer is certainly the orange sofa which gives the whole room a special atmosphere - pure feel-good ambience wherever I look. The artificial fireplace is certainly an eye-catcher, but in winter a real fire would be more warming. The bar up to the ceiling has the ideal drink ready for everyone. The view of Gstaad and the mountains is wonderful and the large balcony with its restaurant terrace invites to chill. What I didn't like so much was the swimming pool which was a bit old-fashioned.

The room

Expectations were high after I saw the lobby. But these expectations were even exceeded. The single room - ground floor - was very spacious. Wooden floor, kingsize bed, cosy sitting area, bathroom with bathtub, separate room with wardrobe, minibar, save, large flat screen TV and terrace - and all that super coolly furnished down to the smallest detail with a certain alpine chic. Last but not least, even the hiking backpack is ready for you in the room.


But see for yourself in the video.


The only disadvantage was that in front of the room there was a playground for the little guests, which was also used by the local children. As godfather of 3 children I have absolutely nothing against kids. It was just a little loud. Here my tip: Write a short mail to the hotel that you would like to have a quiet room. Anyway I think it's important to have personal contact with each hotel before you arrive.


Foodie Times

During my stay in the Huus I somehow had no desire to eat in the restaurant, especially as there was a small snack menu in the lobby/bar. I also fell in love with the design of the lobby and obviously felt much more comfortable as a single person here. 


In the snack menu there was a nice selection of different dishes. For me it could be something simpler, especially since I already know the Gstaad Gourmet Kitchen with its many trendy restaurants. The dishes on both evenings were really excellent. But it has to be mentioned that drinks, cocktails and food are overpriced. Here, it is absolutely worth making a detour to the centre of Gstaad and dining in one of the countless restaurants.


For the gourmets among you I would like to recommend 2 restaurants in Gstaad as follow:

The Megu Restaurant at the Alpina Gstaad Hotel

Restaurant Chesery Gstaad by Robert Speth

The HUUS - worth a visit?

Surely the Huus is worth a visit if you don't travel alone. As a single traveler I found the hotel ok - but I didn't feel 100% comfortable. During my stay there were many couples and families in the house. You have to be aware that it is a little outside of Gstaad.  I found the staff too reserved. On the 2nd day when they knew me it got better. Sometimes it took a long time to order drinks and food. 


Here important to say that this is my personal impression and may vary depending on the time of the trip.

Share it - if you like it. Thx so much!

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